Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Come and join us

The last post was critical of Church authorities and most of the previous posts have been in a similar vein. We each have a right and a duty to criticise or at least comment on the organisation which is known as the Roman Catholic Church, to which I belong. The Church as an organisation and a human structure has such a long history of fallibility and failing that to pretend it was otherwise would be foolish and dishonest. And, fortunately,we are not now living in a time where even mild dissent could be terminal, as in the past. It is perfectly consistent and rational to claim to be a member of the Church and, at the same time, be openly and seriously critical of its human and structural failings. The organisation, bureaucracy and personalities of the Church are not above criticism nor are they infallible, except in very limited circumstances.

So here we are, floating along in this rackety old tramp steamer, garlanded with some fairy lights and tinsel to brighten it up. But, at least, both crew and passengers have a clear idea about their port of destination. They may disagree from time to time on the course to set and frequently they may feel as if they are storm threatened and sinking; but they know about storms and boats: the first Captain, after all, was a fisherman and used to the sea, though not above getting scared in a big storm. And it is this history and this past experience that keeps the boat afloat, the crew from mutiny and the passengers content.

So if you are looking for a luxury liner with all the comforts and everything Bristol fashion and ship shape, this is not the boat for you. But if you are serious about making the only voyage that matters then either sign up for the crew or book a cabin. Surprisingly there is never any shortage of space. You can bring all your excess baggage and the crew will help you get rid of it.
Think about it doing it. Think about the cruise, not just of a lifetime, but for all time. There is a booking office near to you. Drop in.